Photos of built models...
Original Chaffee model beta build, by Joshua Hughes
Test builds of two models I did just for fun.  Both are vintage Wedgewood ranges.
Large scale test build of a '40's-era styled coupe from my Vintage Car Series.
(Rear View) This is one of about 50 different models in the series.
This model came about late in the development of the series.  I wanted it to look like the bastard child of a '51 Chevy truck and a '49 Willys Jeepster...
One of the more challenging designs in the Series was this "what-if" 1940's El Camino-style truck.  It's not entirely far-fetched, as Hudson built a similar vehicle in the late '40's.
The Vintage Car Series includes a full line of commercial vehicles, like this ambulance, in four different makes.  The complete project was like trying to reproduce every model built by GM in a given year.
A police department liveried two-door sedan...
The Woody Station Wagon was the first completed model in the Series, mainly because I thought its boxy shape would be easier to model.  Since its release it has been one of the most popular models in the series. 

Along with all of the cars and trucks in the Vintage Car Series, I also designed a small collection of vintage travel trailers.  The smallest of the line is this teardrop model, shown with a two-toned sedan.
Easily the biggest model in the series, and maybe even the biggest paper model I've built so far, is this Crew-Cab Car Hauler, shown carrying a "hot rod" version of an aero coupe.  An online acquaintance whose father operates a race supply business in Canada suggested this build, as an example of the trucks used my race teams in early dirt-track era.
Designed to emulate the original Batmobile from the comic books of the early '40's, this one has never been released.  While the body design is essentially the same as the two-door sedan police car, above, the only parts on this version which haven't been altered from "stock" are the tail lights, rear bumper, and inner wheel surfaces.
The last of the Vintage Car Series, at least so far, is this two-tone aero sedan.  Designed to incorporate a more realistic appearance than the rest of the series, this model has more rounded surfaces, and is both taller and shorter in length than the earlier versions.  My goal is to eventually translate all of the models in the earlier style to this updated look.


  1. I really like and enjoy these vehicles, especially as they show full-well your talents and the fine effort you have devoted to them.
    Of interest is the car transporter, which I think is marvelous, and the ambulance which, minus the siren and coloured black, resembles very much the 1938 Willys-Knight Straight-8 Sleeve Valve hearse my father first drove when he began his 45-ear career as a Funeral Director in 1953.

    Thank you for sharing your work with us, it is truly appreciated.

    Kind and Respectful Regards, Uyraell.

  2. Uyraell, I designed a hearse version as well, (a few, actually) I just haven't build one, yet, so I don't have a photo to post...