Friday, February 13, 2015

All Aboard!

What was true for my first post, four years ago, still works today, so here's my first model, touched up a bit, and in a new format, but the same basic model as originally designed in 2009.  

The small railroad station this model is based on had once stood across the street from the school where I attended 3rd grade in Olive, CA.  The station at Olive was built by the Santa Fe railroad in 1931 to serve as a passenger station and freight depot for the surrounding citrus industry.  After Santa Fe closed the station the building served as the Olive Post Office, until it was closed and demolished in 1964.  By the time my family had moved to the area, no trace of the old station existed, so finding photographs of the building, in a book I bought for another project was a big surprise.  Even better, the book included the building's dimensions, so I had what I needed to recreate it in scale.  

Being my first effort, I hadn't really gotten comfortable with working with higher levels of detail, so the model is pretty basic, but not bad for a model that took two days to design. Once I get a few more projects caught up, expect a newer, better-executed version of this one.

You can download a .pdf version of the file here: AT&SF Depot, Olive, CA

One final note on this topic, the assembled model in these photos was built by the late John Freeman.  John was an excellent modeler, who was always willing to help with a problem, test-build a model, or answer a question.  His input was invaluable in the creation of this model. 

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