Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Now We're Cookin'!

I'm going to pause from my usual fare for a bit, and introduce something I've never really released before.  It was born a few years ago, when I needed a break from old cars and Star Trek models, and was really wanting a fast, simple project to shift my view. What caught my fancy was a post on a cooking blog about an old, 1940's era, kitchen stove.  

The writer had been given a small, apartment-sized, Wedgewood range, that was basically just four gas burners and an oven, but it was a cool bit of kitchenalia that seemed just right for my purpose.
Wedgewoods were the Cadillac of kitchen ranges in the '40's and '50's, and even today are highly sought after by collectors and fans of Mid-Century architecture, who appreciate the products of a time when even kitchen appliances were designed with style.  While the models aren't perfect replicas of their full-sized prototypes, I think they do a good job of capturing the look and feel of the real thing. 

The finished models...

Wedgewood 40-Inch Home Model

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